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 In Internet Explorer 6.x Select Tools > Internet Options.
 1. Click the Privacy tab.
 2. Verify that the slider bar is not set to max: Block all cookies. Set this to allow all cookies and go to point 5 or follow points 3 & 4.
 3. Click the override cookie handling (Edit) button
 4. In the text field enter www.findrfp.com
 5. Click Allow/OK/OK
 In Internet Explorer 5.x Select Tools > Internet Options.
 1. Click the Security tab.
 2. Verify that the Internet web content zone is highlighted.
 3. Click the Customise Level button at the bottom of the Internet Options dialogue box.
 4. Scroll down to the Cookies section.
 5. Verify that Allow per-session cookies (not stored) is set to either Enable or Prompt.
 In Netscape 4.x and above Select Edit > Preferences.
 1. From the Category list, select Advanced.
 2. Under Cookies, verify that either Accept all cookies or Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server is selected.
 3. If Disable cookies is selected, change your settings to one of the other two options.
 4. Click OK to close the Preferences dialogue box.


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